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July 23, 2023

Design Development at What Cheer Flower Farm | Samuel Aguirre | MFA Furniture Design ’24

by saguirrerisdedu

As the farm goes through its redevelopment, there are constant moments to reconsider the little details of the master plan. Every conversation and onsite activity offers a moment to contemplate what’s best for the farm, the farmers, and the community. Everyone is engaged in their day-to-day tasks at hand, but in the back of mind is this focus on the bigger picture of what this space will look like and how it will function as a 2.7 acre farm, community space, and training center. The consideration is ever present and truly a team effort.

I’m excited to say through this passive, iterative process we’ve identified an opportunity to evolve my role this summer and my project has gone from creating outdoor space to creating public sculpture. Our goal for this large scale object is to serve as an identifier of who we are and where you are as a visitor, volunteer, or employee. Because this is an urban farm, the property is quite visible from many adjacent streets, highways, and businesses. I see this as an opportunity to create something large enough to become a beacon in the peripherals of all passerby’s. I hope for this this sculpture to exist with the farm through the years and become part of the physical identity of the space and community. It will become an icon to greet visitors and, if we do it right, will convey the impact What Cheer Flower Farm is having on its community and instill a sense of excitement upon arrival.

And with that, design development is underway! This marks the start of the next chapter of my time at the farm. My big picture lens has shifted focus; the undertones of my conversations are motivated by capturing the essence of the What Cheer Flower Farm. I’m tickled wit the opportunity and grateful for the responsibility. However, we still need to process the thousands of donated flowers and create 75 bouquet’s before the day is over…

Lets get to work!

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