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August 20, 2018

Almost There! Kalina Winters 2018 BFA Painting

by kalinawinters

The symposium I’ve been planning is fast approaching!

Here is the flyer that Mei Lenehan made:

unnamed.jpg Picture it on hot pink paper 😉

Today Majorie, my boss, offered me a position at the nonprofit. I am so stoked to be accepted in the office, especially since I admire everyone so much. I’m not sure if I can keep up their high standard of juggling, but being in this environment has definitely kicked my butt and my brain with experience in multitasking.

I realize a lot of problems in the nonprofit world that I didn’t expect, most of which revolve around funding. SO many organizations similar to ours, aimed at women’s issues and empowerment, all go for the same grants. I wish we could combine so that valuable time and effort for all the bright grant writers out there wasn’t wasted!

This opportunity has been perfect post grad, especially since I took David Borgonjon’s Critical Curating course, in which he explained how he had jumped around in nonprofits like Eyebeam. His footing was really found doing the kind of work I have been learning about here, and about the structures of nonprofits, so I’m excited about my new knowledge of the inner workings.

One thing I didn’t expect but am very happy about, is the standard for current events knowledge that has bled into my daily life and now art practice. I truly, sincerely appreciate Majorie Margolies and her attitude which she keeps happy, funny, optimistic, but realistic. She has been an important mentor in my life and a constant teacher.

I will post again about the event when it happens. Until then I’ll be stressing out and making it rain flyers!




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