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July 31, 2013


Protest Against the Sexual Victimization of Incarcerated Youth

by balexisd

Today I attended a silent protest meant to give a voice to incarcerated youth who are sexually victimized in Illinois youth prisons.

The U.S. Justice Department found that based on their survey of 461 Illinois juvenile prisoners in 2012, more than 15% reported being sexually victimized (most often by staff members). Illinois youth prisoners are sexually assaulted and abused at a rate 35 percent higher than the national average which was under 10%. The children were assaulted in showers, recreation areas, their cells, classrooms and even in kitchens. Some young people said that they had been given alcohol and drugs by staff before their assaults.

Here is the flyer I made for the event:

Protest Flyer

And some photos from the protest with signs I made:




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