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June 15, 2018

Flexibility is Key | Adam Chuong | MID Industrial Design 2019

by adamchuong

Hello everyone! I’m a little over week into my position at DARE, and am getting a better understanding of the complexities of all the campaigns they are tackling! As is the case in organizing, some changes have cropped up since I first planned this fellowship.


Originally DARE was approaching rent control through a ballot initiative campaign. However, with some setbacks in getting enough registered signatures in such a short time, strategies had to change. Instead, we’ll be pushing to bring Rent Control to Providence City Council, similar to the path organizers took to pass the Providence Community Safety Act. Plans are in motion to create a housing crisis forum for the new city council candidates, and I’ll be working on materials for collecting community narratives for that event.

I’ll leave y’all with DARE’s Principles of Unity — great words to see when I enter and leave DARE.


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