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September 4, 2014

by whitney7891

Today I toured the Multidisciplinary Simulation Center before I headed over to the PRC. At the Simulation Center I saw the Anatomage, which is a computer the size of a human body, where doctors can look at full body scans in different layers to identify problems. I also saw recreated patient rooms, recreated practice operating rooms, human like dummies, classrooms, and a dissection lab. It was incredible! The Simulation Center was designed to teach all hospital personnel how to handle any medical situation. Suprisingly, the arts had a rather large impact on the design of the rooms and the construction and design of the dummies. It was crucial that the patient actors, dummies, and surroundings looked just like how it looks in real life. I was shocked at how innovative the design elements were and how much creative problem solving played a part. Here is an image of a full body scan in the Anatomage-  so cool!


Afterwards, I went to the PRC for my last distraction session. Today I taught the block print project and everyone’s projects turned out really nice. Also, the patients gave me a parting gift, which was very unexpected! Everyone was very thankful and appreciative of my project, which was great to hear!

Although the testing period is over there is still so much to accomplish. I am working with the researcher to write the methodology section of the study and we hope to submit the study to be published in a medical journal. I also gave a presentation at Mayo and I am flying back to Jacksonville in April to show my work and present my project at the National Convention for the Global Alliance of Arts and Health. Although I am not completely finished, my project at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville has been an incredible opportunity and I have learned more than I ever imagined was possible in such a short time. It was truly a great experience.

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