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July 27, 2012

More from NPR…Ayodha Ouditt, NPR Science


My internship involves working on pieces which come in a variety of flavors.

Some articles have dealt with imaginative, nigh whimsical concepts, like the archaeobiology of chalk.


Others have touched on familiar aspects of daily life, like the ‘summer science’ series for which i produced some cartoonish drawings describing (loosely) the phenomenon of “brain freeze”.


Important issues like sexism in science have also seen a fair amount of attention The process leading up to the final illustration involved minor adjustments like body posture, scale and the direction the bodies were facing. It was definitely the most nuanced of all the pieces I’ve done. See below.


I’ve also been working on NPR’s “what’s your big idea?” video contest. The call for entries can be found here. the video itself features a bunch of young geniuses at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair promoting their possibly world-changing (and often world-saving) ideas. The competition invites young people across the country (ages 13 – 25) to share their own ideas, ideas that are big enough and benevolent enough to make a positive change in the world. Though the videos must be posted on Youtube, the winning entry will be showcased on both NPR’s Youtube and Facebook pages.

More importantly, the winner’s video will be presented to a leader in the corresponding scientific field, for feedback or maybe even commendation or collaboration.


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